Machurity in Social Media

Few months ago Facebook started a new feature known as ‘On this day’. Initially it was fun as Facebook reminded me of the posts or the important things there were, on the current day in the past. However, I noticed that the things that I shared few years ago are nowhere near what I post now.

When I started using Facebook for the first time back in ’08 I was just a teenager. Wouldn’t be wrong if I said a typical teenager. That age is fun because many things happen in your life at once. Pursuing your interests (romantic or otherwise), trying to fit in in a group, really not knowing anything but acting cool anyway and the list goes on.


         As I mentioned earlier about my today’s and older posts being different. But I still am the same person back then and now, what changed? I thought of it for a while and I realized that the things I post on social media now, are more authentic and useful that before. Maybe that’s what social maturity is. Between typing anything in the post box to posting on Social media, I grew up.

One thing I noticed is that, as we grow up the pattern of Social Media posts change. I strongly believe our Social Media activity strongly indicated the information of that individual. His likes, interests, passions and connections. Since we’re talking about maturity in social networking, It’s insightful, our journey. We can measure ourselves in what we used to think and what we are.

Back in the teenage days I used to think I cracked lame jokes and kind of was a master at it, and when I look at myself today, nothing much has changed. Although on a social media. Maturity is often needed and plays a vital role in your online life. After reading this I hope you get back to the basics and really see how your thinking changed over time.  You’ll be surprised, that’s  my guarantee.


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