Internet and Writing

Anonymity, a gift from the internet for everyone. We can post anything we like on the internet without letting us know the world who we are. This has changed publications and content writers a lot in the ways they type and the authenticity of the information and content they produce. I feel the anonymity has given people strength to speak their minds without fearing anyone.

Today’s society is built on trust and care for each other, but is also built on a basic principle of fitting in. In my opinion most of the people don’t feel like fitting in and go with the crowd. Instead they want their opinions to be heard. They want their words to matter. Although, most of them either don’t bother or don’t have the courage to do what needs to be done. Anonymity is a safety net where people can express their thoughts without the worries of the society.


I have been writing for various automotive portals and sites for more than four years now. Most of my work is to provide reviews of the different motorcycles on the market and write about the motorcycle culture. However, the gift from internet, that is anonymity has also affected this industry a lot.

Many a times I see comments from the readers on my articles that are abusive and disapproving. Some of them are just meant for just bullying and not necessarily are related to what the article is about. Almost two years ago, I wrote an Article Bikers Vs Posers on BikesIndia. The article was targeted to motorcycle riders. It talked about how real bikers are and how some people are taking disadvantage of the cool factor that is associated with the bikers. However, most of the response I received were positive.


Freedom, a widely-used word that is associated with the internet. But what is freedom anyway! Most of us don’t understand the true meaning of freedom and the truth. We are all searching for our own version of the truth and in that pursuit ethics take a back stage. Freedom is not at all free and there is a price to pay. I tried conveying the same through my article, Freedom and the Truth where I received very positive comments.


People are most likely to appreciate and support original ideas and truth than a write up that is under someone’s influence. Of course, every coin has two sides and we should not forget that there are some people who are abusing this gift of anonymity on the internet. Freedom of speech with anonymity has great power. “Great power comes with Great responsibility”. And we need to use internet responsibly. As far the ethics in all this goes. I strongly believe that people are not generally bad and albeit them being anonymous, the quality of their opinions and posts make huge contributions in the society.



3 thoughts on “Internet and Writing

  1. I agree that anonymity could be good and bad at the same time. From my interactions on Twitter, I found that people with fake name and profile picture tend to be more abusive than others with real names and profile pic.


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