In pursuit of being Myself

“Just be yourself”, they say. But what does it mean anyway!  To have a feeling of belonging and just trying to fit in. To be honest we all have been doing it knowingly and unknowingly. It’s not easy to stay true to yourself though. In my friends and family I come across as an odd man out due to my unusual passions.

Its very easy to say thing like ‘I love travelling and adventure’ but difficult to practice. You can’t really have everything, you lose some to gain some. The main reason why I come across as an ugly duckling is because of my love for motorcycles and things that give me adrenaline rush.

at 170 kmph on my motorcycle.

The Video got me in a lot of trouble which involved criticism, swearing and some unsolicited advice. But that’s just the way it is. I do it because that’s what makes me feel alive. Another thing I might add is my love of doing unpredictable things.

Dancing because I felt like doing it

As you can see these are not things that people just normally do. Being oneself does not mean going unconventional ways. I don’t do it to stand out from the crowd or tell people how great I am. These are just the things that makes me who I am. of course, not forgetting to mention that I come across as a self-centred prick for some.

I don’t think a blog post of some 400 words is enough to really tell something about any person. Like me there are things that keeps people going. It can be painting, singing, dancing or anything that you do just to make yourself happy. Of course, there is still a lot to learn from life and people around me. If I really must describe myself, I am just a regular person doing things that make me happy and a person whose trying yo survive. Travelling, adventure and new experiences is just a small part of my life.

One of the many water crossings we encountered in my last by tour. That's my 
friend Shrikant with his motorbike in action

The pursuit is of course not as easy as it sounds and I believe that there will be financial, psychological and social barriers waiting for me that will stop me from doing what I love. But I shall continue my pursuit of finding out who I am for it is what define yourself as a human and help you move up in your life.



2 thoughts on “In pursuit of being Myself

  1. The videos in this post are fun to watch especially the one where you dance, that was awesome. Keep doing what makes you happy. It is great that you discovered your passion, I am still looking for mine 🙂


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